After harvesting the grapes, our award-winning winemaker, Simon Day, supervises the gentle pressing process and we keep the juice from our white grapes separate from that of our black grapes to give flexibility in blending. Some juice is separated and stored in old Burgundy barrels to develop an interesting complexity in our wines. Blending normally starts in February and is conducted according to traditional methods. Thereafter, we are committed to further ageing all of our wines for extended periods to build complexity and flavour.

Our philosophy is to create an elegant wine with notes of biscuit, honey and brioche: we love these toasty notes and hope you will too!


We taste and blend our Dryhill bubbly over a period of years with Simon Day our Master Winemaker. To help you dig a little deeper into this subject we are happy to share this chart produced by our friends in France, which helps influence our vineyard activities and guide our decision to release each of our vintage collections.