Throughout the year, we tend the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunièr and Chardonnay vines by hand and know which ones are growing well and which need extra care: they are like friends to us. We manually prune in March, then train, bud rub, shoot manage and de-leaf to help optimise growth and improve sugar levels. Airflow through the vineyard in August and September is crucial to encourage clean canopy growth and this is one of our key focus areas during the growing season.

Towards the end of October, we handpick individually-selected whole bunches of the finest grapes and we leave behind the ones that do not make the grade. We pick using 12-kilo containers to preserve bunch condition and avoid damage in transit. The grapes are taken to the winery within a few hours of picking.

We believe that great wine is made in the vineyard.


Simon Day has inspired the team at Dryhill and he is a second-generation local Winemaker with numerous international awards to his name, particularly for his English Sparkling Wine. He has over 30 years experience in both winemaking and viticulture and he has guided Dryhill from the field to the bottle. Some things cannot be rushed and we have enjoyed the long journey in our quest to create some phenomenal fizz here in the Sparkling Cotswolds.