When you select a Dryhill rental property you may be considering a celebration, an event or just a chance to have a relaxing holiday.

To help you enjoy your stay and reduce the stress of having to cook for yourselves, we have identified a number of local caters who specialise in premium hospitality experiences and have strong local reputations.

Feel free to discuss your needs with them directly and satisfy yourselves with their customised solutions to your particular catering requirements. Please see details below.

We can also suggest options for wine tastings, both local British wines ( Dryhill has its own vineyard: www.dryhillwine.co.uk ) or a particular country that interests you. Please see your Welcome ipad in house, on arrival, for details of our local restaurant suggestions including top ‘gastro’ pubs, restaurants and dog friendly eateries.


Selection Of Local Caterers

El Toro

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Tailor Made Top Nosh

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Wine Tastings

Tom I’Anson Wines

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Tracey Bird

Wine Guru